What are the 3 common types of packaging paper?


The quality of the packaging box is determined by the packaging and printing paper. Which three types of paper are commonly used in the production of packaging boxes? What are their characteristics?

1. White cardboard: White cardboard is a kind of white cardboard made of thick, firm, pure and high-quality wood pulp. After calendering or embossing, it is mainly used for printing substrates for packaging and decoration. It is divided into A, B , C level three, the quantitative is 210-400g/㎡. The advantage lies in the low printing cost and the correct color. It is the first choice for most packaging box papers. With the international "plastic limit order" policy, the market demand for white cardboard has surged.

2. Corrugated paper: Corrugated paper is made by bonding face paper, lining paper, core paper and corrugated paper processed into corrugated corrugated paper. There are five sizes of A, B, C, E, and F. A and B corrugated paper are generally used as outer packaging boxes for transportation, and beer boxes are generally made of B corrugated. E flute is mostly used for single-piece packaging boxes, F flute is micro-corrugated, mostly used for hamburgers, pastry food disposable packaging boxes or used for packaging of refrigerated goods. The advantages of corrugated paper are low cost, light weight, easy processing, and more than 80% of the corrugated paper can be recycled. The outer boxes, fruit boxes, and suitcases of packaging products are all suitable for corrugated paper.

3. Specialty paper: Specialty paper is made from different fibers using a paper machine to make paper with special functions. There are many types of special papers. Gold and silver cardboard are mainly used in the use of packaging boxes. The advantage is that the paper is firm and full of color. , The surface is smooth and dense. The disadvantage is that the ink permeability and absorption are not good. It is suitable for bronzing, embossing, silk screen printing and other processes. It is often used in the box surface and lining of high-end packaging boxes.

The above is the commonly used paper for packaging boxes organized by the editor of klx. After learning these, I will be better at customizing brand packaging boxes.