Customize your own personalized makeup box


Most people want packaging boxes that are different from others. They want special boxes. Therefore, our company has customized a variety of boxes. Beautiful cosmetic boxes are one of our products.

1. For hot stamping gold/silver/other foil

In order to make the box look beautiful, some customers want to make hot gold foil or foil of other colors on the box, so that it looks more beautiful and luxurious. Usually I would recommend our customers to do it, the price is higher than the printed matter, but more beautiful than the printed matter.

2. For printing

Some customers want to print the trademark on the box, when we receive their order, we will use artificial intelligence files to print the trademark on the box, all the colors we can print

3. For inserting the tray

We make cosmetic boxes to ensure good cosmetic protection, so we need to make an insert tray.

For inserts, we have a choice, such as:

A. Flocking Eva

B. Flocking foam

C. Flocking high foam

D. Plain paper tray

So, you have multiple options. Regarding insertion, we will dig a hole, and you can put the bottle in the hole, so that it can prevent the cosmetic bottle from being taken out during packaging.

what is your opinion? Please contact us immediately to customize your own packaging immediately!