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Custom Stand Up Pouch

Stand up pouches are what makes products stand on a shelf or table while filling with products inside, as one of the best stand up pouch supplier in China, we have a full range stand up pouch options for our clients’ choice, as one of best innovation packaging bag products coming out in recent years that create a lot of conveniences in packaging industry.

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Product Description

Stand up pouch is one of the best-selling bag type intercon Pack specialized in.

Stand up pouches are what makes products stand on a shelf or table while filling with products inside, as one of the best stand up pouch supplier in China, we have a full range stand up pouch options for our clients’ choice, as one of best innovation packaging bag products coming out in recent years that create a lot of conveniences in packaging industry.

-All materials used are FDA Approved and Food Grade, BPA free
-Shaped also an option for Standing on Shelves or table
-Valve and spout, handle, window option available, with positive spout closure and degas ability
-Puncture Resistant, Heat Sealable, Moisture-Proof, Leak Proof, suitable for Freeze and Retortable ability

Our advantage on stand up pouches are:

-Custom print with logo up to 10 colors
-MOQ from 10000 pcs are a start
-Free exist sample free delivery for reference

-Shortest delivery time for printed pouches can be less than 2 weeks.


MOQ 10K-20K-30K Pcs
Size 70*110+25mm(Min)  320*450+120mm(Max)
Thickness 70Mircons-200Mircons (2.5Mil-8Mil)
Function Punch Hole, Handle, Valve, Ziplock, Spout
Printing D-Met Printing, Vanishing, Matte Finishing, Stamping


Volume Size MOQ Delivery
30g-50g 3-4″ x 4-6”+1.5” 50000Pcs 16 Days
50g-100g 4-4.5” x 7-9”+2” 30000Pcs 18 Days
100g-250g 4.5-5” x 8-11”+2.5” 20000Pcs 20 Days
250g-1000g 6-7” x 10-12”+3” 10000Pcs 24 Days


Intercon Pack stand up pouch is made with a bottom gusset and can be self-standing. We can also do matte finishing, glossy finishing, and foil, kraft for stand up pouches. For the pouches, we can also add zip locks, tear notches, hang hole, coffee valve and spouts.

Intercon Pack stand up pouch compare normal plastic bottle, glass jars, aluminum cans save much production, space, transportation, storage and recycle save; it is resealable and convenience for easy carry, with enough tight seal and much lighter weight it makes more and more people prefer to choose the stand up pouch packaging.

It widely used in food, beverage, cosmetic as well as daily industries.

To match a range of industrial uses, stand up pouches can be made to different bag types. This include stand up pouch with zipper which makes the bag re-sealable and more convenient during use. The zipper of stand-up pouch varies from pp zipper, pe zipper, single zipper, double zipper to child-resistant zipper according to the properties of the products inside the stand-up pouch.

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Stand up pouch with valve blocks air from outside the bag for coffee packaging. It keeps coffee dry and fresh for longer. The coffee valve of stand up pouch can be chosen from a one-way coffee valve and two-way coffee valve. All the coffee valves we use for stand up pouch with valve are from Goglio&Wipf valve to make sure they are with the best quality.

Stand up pouch with spout is used in liquor, such as water, wine, juice, and beverage. We also have stand up pouches with a transparent window to display the products in the bags. Another option is a stand-up pouch with kraft paper.

Stand Up Pouches- The Definitive FAQ Guide

  • What are Stand Up Pouches?
  • What is the idea behind the design of stand up pouches?
  • What additional features can be used for Stand Up Pouches?
  • What products are Stand Up Pouches used to package?
  • What are the advantages of using stand up pouches?
  • Do stand up pouches make use of degassing valves?
  • Stand up pouches make use of what type of degassing valve?
  • How many material choices are available for stand up pouches?
  • What are the types of Stand up pouches?
  • What is Bottom gusset stand up pouches?
  • What is side gusset stand up pouches?
  • With this kind of design, they usually have a good retaining capacity for the products that they are being used to package?
  • What is spouted stand up pouches?
  • What is retort stand up pouches?
  • What are Inverted cap stand up pouches?
  • What application types of Stand up pouches are available?
  • What are Foil stand up pouches?
  • What is rice paper stand up pouches?
  • How many printing services are available for Stand up pouches?
  • Are stand up Pouches FDA approved?
  • Are stand up pouches Recyclable?
  • How many printing colors are available for stand up pouches?
  • Are samples of stand up pouches available?

What are Stand Up Pouches?

Stand up pouches are packaging pouches that are designed in such a way that they are able to stand on shelves, cabinet or anywhere they are placed.

Because of this important feature that they possess, they are being used across industries for the packaging of both edible and non-edible products.

Intercon Pack manufactures stand up pouches and other packaging material.

Intercon Pack are professionals in the artwork and designs of packaging bags and pouches.

Stand up pouches

Stand up pouches

What is the idea behind the design of stand up pouches?

Stand up pouches are designed in such a way that they have both gussets at the bottom, and this makes them stand comfortable.

Stand up pouches also have side sealed edges.

These edges are incorporated at the side of the pouches.

The side edges run from the top part of the pouch to the bottom of the pouch.

The edges provide stand up pouches with very strong sides, and they also help them keep their balance and remain in a standing position at all times.

Also unlike conventional packaging pouches, side seal pouches are designed to be very comfortable and user-friendly.

This is why they are lightweight and easy to handle.

What additional features can be used for Stand Up Pouches?

Companies can choose to add more components or features to stand up pouches in such a way that they are easier to use for consumers.

Some of the numerous features that can be incorporated into the designs of stand up pouches by packaging companies include the following:

  • Stand up pouches with punch holes
  • Stand up pouches with valves
  • Stand up pouches with handles
  • Stand up pouches with zip locks
  • Stand up pouches with spout Stand up pouches with round corners etc.

Intercon Pack manufactures stand up pouches with all of these features, depending on the recommendation of the customer.

Intercon Pack can also provide assistance and guidance to help a customer choose the best feature based on the product that the pouches will be used to package.

What products are Stand Up Pouches used to package?

Because of the packaging versatility of stand up pouches and how popular a packaging material it is, it is being used in a lot of industries.

Stand up pouches are used for the packaging of both edible and inedible products. Some of them include the following:

  • Snacks
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Agricultural products
  • Washing detergents
  • Pet foods etc.

What are the advantages of using stand up pouches?

Stand up pouches offers more advantages compared to other packaging pouches or bags, and this is why they are a preferred choice.

Some of the advantages of using stand up pouches include the following:

  • They are self-standing pouches, and this makes storing them easier than storing other packaging materials.
  • They are very durable and long-lasting because they are made from high-quality materials
  • They offer an option of user-friendliness and improved usability.
  • They have barrier resistant properties against contaminants that are likely to affect the quality of stored products. Examples of the contaminants are moisture, oxygen, Uv light, etc.
  • Stand up pouches are highly printable packaging materials, and this offers a lot of aesthetics benefits that aid brand awareness and advertisement.
  • Stand up pouches meet packaging expectations, this makes them very cost-effective.

Do stand up pouches make use of degassing valves?

It is important for packaging valves to be airtight so as to prevent the passage of oxygen which could reduce the lifespan of the product.

In some cases, degassing valves are incorporated in the manufacturing of stand up pouches, to produce an airtight environment for the product.

Stand up pouches with degassing valves are most important in the packaging of products that tend to emit gas. The type of valve mostly employed for this is the one-way degassing valve.

This valve type makes it possible for the emitted gases to escape, and at the same time prevents the passage of oxygen into the pouch.

For those kinds of products, the implication of not using a degassing valve results in the accumulation of CO2 that later causes the products to burst.

Intercon Pack manufactures stand up pouches with degassing valves.

Degassing Valve

Degassing Valve

Stand up pouches make use of what type of degassing valve?

Intercon Pack makes use of 2 different types of degassing for the manufacture of stand up pouches.; the goglio valve and the Wipf valve.

How many material choices are available for stand up pouches?

Various conditions are looked into before choosing materials for stand up pouches.

They include:

  • Products packaged
  • Consumers choice
  • Preference of the customer placing the order.

Materials that are used for the manufacturing of stand up pouches include the following:

  • Cast polypropylene
  • Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate
  • Ethylene-Vinyl Alcohol
  • Aluminum Foil
  • High-density polyethylene
  • low-density polyethylene
  • Linear low-density polyethylene
  • Metallized PET film
  • Oriented polypropylene
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyethylene
  • Polyethylene Terephthalate

What are the types of Stand up pouches?

For various packaging qualities and the packaging of various types of products, there are numerous befitting types of stand up pouches.

Some common types of pouches are:

  • Bottom gusseted stand-up pouches
  • Side gusseted stand up pouches
  • Flat bottom stand up pouches
  • Spouted stand up pouches.
  • Shaped stand up pouches.
  • Retort stand up pouches
  • Stand up pouches with zippers
  • Inverted cap stand up pouches

Intercon Pack are professionals in the design and packaging of all of these types of stand up pouches.

What is Bottom gusset stand up pouches?

These are one of the most popular types of stand up pouches utilized by various industries.

Bottom gusseted stand-up pouches are designed in such a way that the pouch supports the quantity of the product in them.

The gusset edges are attached to the sides of the pouch, from the top till the bottom, this gives the pouch a perfect shape, as well as the ability to stand upright.

A bottom gusseted stand-up pouch can be designed in such a way that the bottom can assume a number of shapes.

Some of the shapes used for bottom gusseted pouches include the following:

  • Round bottom gusset shape
  • K corner bottom gusset
  • Plow bottom gusset.

Bottom gusset stand up pouches

Bottom gusset stand up pouches

What is side gusset stand up pouches?

Side gusset stand up pouches are stand up pouches that have gussets on all sides.

As usual, the gussets run from the top to the bottom of the pouch.

At the top of the pouch, the sealing takes the shape of the pouch, and at the bottom of the pouch, a horizontal sealing is used.

With this kind of design, they usually have a good retaining capacity for the products that they are being used to package?

One benefit if using side gusset stand up pouch is the abundance of space for both artworks and branding.

This makes it the best stand up pouch for labeling

The material used for this kind of pouch is decided by the product that you want to package.

Side gusset stand up pouch

Side gusset stand up pouch

What is spouted stand up pouches?

One reason that has led to the success of spouted stand up pouches in the packaging market today is the fact they are used as a replacement for plastic and glass bottles.

They offer economic benefits over plastic and glass bottles, and at the same time, they give the same packaging productivity.

Spouted stand up pouches have spouts at the top, and this makes them very easy to fill, open, pour and close.

The spouts are also designed in such a way that they have fitted caps.

Spouted stand-up pouches require a high technique to manufacture, and this is why you need a reputable and experienced manufacturing company to handle this.

Intercon Pack is capable, and they have all the technology and personnel to manufacture this.

Figure 4: Side gusset stand up pouch What are spouted stand up pouches? One reason that has led to the success of spouted stand up pouches in the packaging market today is the fact they are used as a replacement for plastic and glass bottles. They offer economic benefits over plastic and glass bottles, and at the same time, they give the same packaging productivity. Spouted stand up pouches have spouts at the top, and this makes them very easy to fill, open, pour and close. The spouts are also designed in such a way that they have fitted caps. Spouted stand up pouches require a high technique to manufacture, and this is why you need a reputable and experienced manufacturing company to handle this. Intercon Pack are capable, and they have all the technology and personnel to manufacture this.

Spouted stand up pouches

What is retort stand up pouches?

These are stand up pouches that are mostly used for the packaging of edible products in unfavorable conditions.

They are designed with film structures through the lamination of various materials so as to give the packaging effect that is desired.

Several layers of the materials are laminated together, and they protect the products from oxygen, moisture, vapor, and other contaminants.

Retort stand up pouches are the alternative packaging for cans or any other type of food container.

Some edible products that require retort stand up pouches include:

  • Pets food
  • Organic products
  • Soup
  • Fresh food
  • Industry Use

Intercon Pack stand up pouch can be used widely used in a lot of industries,especially use in food storage,like snack,chips,biscuits,cookie,nuts,chocolate,candy packaging;also widely use in sugar,spice,sauce,milk powder,oat,coffee,tea,also can be used for detergent,toys, seeds,garments etc.

With tight heat seal strength, it performs a good barrier in freshness, flavor, fragrance and nutritional qualities or chemical potency.

Retort Stand up pouches

Figure 6: Retort Stand up pouches

What are Inverted cap stand up pouches?

Inverted stand up pouches are one of the latest types of stand up pouches used today. However not a lot of manufacturing companies design this stand up pouch.

This stand up pouch is designed in such a way that the upper part is the bottom that the pouch stands with.

This means that the part of the pouch that dispenses the product in it is also used for standing. They are very easy to use.

They also provide the product with a long-lasting life span, and this is because of the laminated films and other high-quality materials that are used to manufacture it.

They also serve at good barriers against all sorts of contamination, including vapor, moisture, and odor infiltration.

The inverted nature of the pouch gives it a unique look that makes it display all other parts of the pouch elegantly. This makes it one of the best pouches for aesthetics and branding.

Intercon Pack are professionals in both the manufacturing and the graphics and branding of inverted caps stand up pouches for the packaging of various products.

What application types of Stand up pouches are available?

Stand up pouches are customized and manufactured in such a way that they are able to meet a lot of packaging and market needs.

Due to this, there are a lot of applications of stand up pouches to meet various demands. Some of the application include the following:

  • Foil stand up pouches
  • Rice paper stand up pouches
  • Poly stand up pouches
  • Clear stand up pouches
  • Metalized stand up pouches
  • Satin and matte stand up pouches
  • Crystal clear stand up pouches

What are Foil stand up pouches?

These are stand up pouches that are made with different laminated materials but have aluminum foil as the dominant material.

This is because of the benefits that aluminum foil materials have, such as odor barrier, prevention of moisture and oxygen

Foil stand up pouches are mostly used for the packaging of products such as:

  • Cosmetics and beauty care
  • Medical productsFarm products
  • Laundry products etc.

Across industries, they are one of the most used stand-up pouches, and this is because of their exceptional properties.

Customized Option

Intercon Pack Stand up pouch with customized printing and dimension options is also another best point of stand up pouch packaging,any colors prefer, with customized logo and any advertisements on it, up to 10 colors printing on it, with matte or varnish finishing, fast delivery within 2-3 weeks time, volume from 50g-1Kg, even 5Kg option is also available, size and color full choice.

The material can be clear plastic, Matte surface, metalized, aluminum or even paper surface option.

Before sending out our stand up pouches from our factory we will do below test in our Lab for your en-trustful use in filling.

Like Inter-layer adhesion, Seal strength, Drop, Burst, Tensile, Leak, Compression, Puncture resistance test.

Foil stand up pouch

Foil stand up pouch

What is rice paper stand up pouches?

These stand up pouches are used mostly for packaging snacks.

They are preferred for this purpose due to their texture, great appearance and ability to print on them.

They have gussets that are folded both upwards and inwards, and they are designed in such a way that they have both sides of the pouch sealed.

The bottom gusset gives them a standing position.

Some of the materials used for the manufacturing of rice paper stand up pouches include the following:

  • Polyethylene
  • Polypropylene
  • Kraft paper
  • Metalized polyethylene
  • Their top-notch display properties, together with their ability to for different shape and the window features make them the perfect type of stand up pouch for packaging snacks and related products.

How many printing services are available for Stand up pouches?

Intercon Pack offers some of the most advanced printing technologies for artwork and designs on packaging bags and pouches, stand up pouches included.

The printing services are:

  • Rotogravure.
  • Flexo
  • Digital printing technologies.

Are stand up Pouches FDA approved?

All Intercon Pack packaging bags and pouches, stand up pouches included, meet the requirement of FDA, and a confirmation letter will be sent with the products.

Are stand up pouches Recyclable?

Yes, Intercon Pack’s stand up pouches are eco-friendly and recyclable.

How many printing colors are available for stand up pouches?

Intercon Pack printing colors for packaging bags and pouches are 8.

If customers have special requirements, they can speak to the sales personnel.

Are samples of stand up pouches available?

Yes, Intercon Pack can send samples to the customer’s location.


Compare stand up pouch production cost with normal old packaging method,and with the strict environment concern these years, all government and companies also looking for new ways to reduce resource usage, they choose to use less cost to pollute environment keep them from the increasing raw material costs, with the progressive continuing evolution and development idea, stand up pouches are an excellent way to solve this.

In all the above advantages, stand up pouch are now being commonly used for many industries these days.

Our packaging experts will be always listening to your needs and offer you with most suitable materials, printing and other options for your product use, such as with handles, with a window or with many modern shapes to differentiate your product.

If you have no idea about your packaging, our designer will also glad to help with design and offer a physical sample for your choice.

Buying from our factory in China direct will be at least 30%-40% save, come and contact Intercon Pack for your best stand up pouch supplier in China.

Volume Size MOQ Delivery
30g-50g 3-4″ width x 4-6”length+1.5”Bottom 80000Pcs 16 Days
50g-100g 4-4.5” width x 7-9”length+2”Bottom 50000Pcs 18 Days
100g-250g 4.5-5” width x 8-11”length+2.5”Bottom 30000Pcs 20 Days
250g-1000g 6-7” width x 10-12”length+3”Bottom 20000Pcs 24 Days

  • Chapter 1: What is Stand Up Pouch?
  • Chapter 2: Applications?
  • Chapter 3: Top 5 benefits?
  • Chapter 4: Stand Up Pouch Types
  • Chapter 5: Materials Choose? Shelf-life & Barrier?
  • Chapter 6: Production and Quality Assurance?
  • Chapter 7: Packing, Filling, Sealing
  • Chapter 8: Warehousing and Storage

Life can be boring with the typical cartons and boxes, In today’s modern world, we can all rejoice for the great day-to-day life improvements brought by the latest packaging technological innovations.

Stand-up pouches are now replacing the traditional packaging formats. This is mainly due to their easiness to store and advanced marketing features.

Stand Up Pouch

There are many other advantages including the ability to print complex kind of artworks and graphics on the pouches.

Most manufacturers are embracing the use of self-supporting pouches as it gives them more branding options. The unique shapes and add-on feature of stand-up pouches facilitate the way they stand out in shops and supermarkets shelves.

As we mentioned above, stand up pouch is one of our best selling products in China. We have a full range stand up pouch options for our clients. As one of the best innovation packaging bag products, we have created conveniences in the packaging industry.

Intercon Pack stands up pouch, in comparison to normal plastic bottle, glass jars or aluminum cans; save much production, space, transportation, storage, and recycling.

It is re-sealable and convenient to easy carry, with enough tight seal and much lighter weight. It is for these reasons that more and more people prefer to choose stand up pouch packaging.

Chapter 1: What is Stand-Up Pouch?

Stand-up pouches are basically laminated bags, which are made of various plastic films, aluminum foils or other materials. The unique characteristics of these pouches make them best for creative advertisements.

stand up pouch manufacturer

For instance, a designer may decide to print them using logos, colors, and designs that are alternated to improve their outlook. It is for the same reason that stand-up pouches have revolutionized the world of product packaging.

Unlike some traditional mediums of packaging such as cartons and boxes, Intercon Pack pouches make use of reduced amounts of resources and are an excellent deal for customization.

Thus, the manufacturers can save some significant amount of cash, if they’re thinking of producing packaging mediums for the market.

The manufacturing process of stand-up pouches is simple. You only need to decide on the particular type of material you’re going to use.

Even though there are different kinds of materials to use, plastic films are the most widely used materials to enable the gussets to stand by themselves. Besides, Intercon Pack pouch contains zippers at the top edges of the pouch.

However, you may also include a re-closable opening, a perforation or a spout. Some stand-up pouches have improved designs including hangers that allow easy carrying and hanging of display items by business persons.

It’s essential to get informed of the various types of models of pouches available today; if you are interested in obtaining new stand-up pouch packaging mediums.

Customized Option

Intercon Pack stand up pouch also come in customized printing and dimension options. You can choose customized colors or logos.

stand up pouch

Any advertisements can be added with an option of up to 10 colors printing on it. It also allows for matte or varnish finishing.

Another advantage of buying from our company is fast delivery within 2-3 weeks in volumes ranging from 50g-1Kg.

We have 5Kg sizes and a full range of color choices. Materials can be clear plastic, matte surface, metalized, aluminum and paper surface option.

Chapter 2: Applications?

Most people wonder if they can use stand-up pouches to pack food products besides other solid products like cereals. The answer is Yes. You’ll never regret purchasing Intercon Pack packaging pouches be if you’re a consumer or a business owner.

custom Stand Up Pouch

The best thing about stand-up pouches is that you may use them for multiple purposes from packaging goods sold in the shops or stores to recycling them for domestic use in preserving your food products.  In fact, it is not a new idea in the market. Some research shows that early back in the years they were used for brews and food packaging, and the trend has caught on up-to-date.

The incredible stand-up pouch accessories like re-closable zippers and spouts enable their various uses. For example, pouches with spouts have brought in high competition to liquid packagers, who use bottles made of rigid plastics or glass materials.

As a result, stand-up pouches stand to gain recognition as the best packing mediums for soft drinks, soups, sauces, and any other edible liquid. The protective layers of the pouch enable comfortable and safe handling, storage or the transportation of the liquids.

The following is a list of other popular solid food products that can be stored in stand-up pouches.

Snacks Biscuits, Nuts, candies, crisps
Dry foods Cereals and groceries
Perishables Fresh & frozen vegetables, meats products

Most manufacturers will have them tested and approved by the relevant food authorities before releasing them onto the market. Hence, it makes them clean and safe against any chemical reactions with your food.  The only thing you’ve to do is to ensure that you keep the zippers or spouts closed to avoid any contamination that may render you into critical health problems.

Industry Use

Widely used in a lot of industries, especially in

  • Food storage like snack, chips and biscuits, cookie, nuts, chocolate, candy packaging, etc.
  • Also widely used in sugar, spice, sauce, milk powder, oat, coffee, tea
  • Also, they can be used for detergent, toys, seeds, garments etc.

With tight heat seal strength, it forms a good barrier to maintain freshness, flavor, fragrance, nutritional qualities or chemical potency of products.

Stand-up pouches can be widely used in various ways and involve many applications. It’s for this reason that they are gaining a continuous trend in the market.

From increasing the consumers’ appeal to minimizing cost, you will experience a remarkable business growth. Below are some of the applications and scenes in which a stand-up pouch is used.

Beverage packaging

Stand Up Pouch

You are assured of no leakages after pouring your beverage into a stand-up pouch. Some beverage makers will seal the top edge of the pouch by heating to ensure that the brew is safe for storage or transportation.

However, some gussets have a spout that enables easy dispensing of liquids and the best thing is that you can remove every drop of your liquid from the pouch which minimizes wastage unlike in the case of cans or bottles.

Custom Printing

Custom stand up pouch

The fact that most stand-up pouches are made using high-quality laminated plastics is a plus to custom printing.

Due to this, creative designers and marketers can create extremely unique package designs. For instance, they contain some attractive bright fonts and exciting colors that will surely capture the eyes of shoppers.

Hanging Displays

Hanging stanp up pouch

Most stand-up pouches are fitted with hang holes. As such, many retailers use them for peg hanging to display their products, which is a successful way of attracting more potential customers.

Additionally, you may even find some large pouches with handles which makes them convenient for clientele to carry packed products from the shop to their homes.

Chapter 3: Top 5 Benefits


Today, most companies are struggling to beat the completion of the business world.

Stand Up Pouch

However, there are numerous ways to heighten profits and increase sales. Some include the branding of products and attractive packaging methods.

With our stand-up pouches, you’ll never struggle about maintaining good branding designs of products and packaging.

Different and fascinating printing and coloring ideas of the pouches are available. Thus, you may regularly order for different designs from your manufacturer. However, your stand-up pouch use will all depend on the kind of products want to pack.


Stand Up Pouch

Intercon Pack pouches and bags are available in various structures and shapes. The fact that they are multipurpose also makes them suitable and flexible to pack both liquid and solid products.

Besides, you can squeeze a lot of volumes into the gusset making them fit for space saving and easy storage.

There are some that have hangers that facilitate easy and convenient carrying of products as well as hanging display items in shops and supermarkets.

Moreover, you may purchase the k-sealed or quad-sealed stand-up pouch that will perfectly fit your needs such as shelf impacts.


An interesting thing about these types of pouches is that they are light.

As such, besides just being flexible and the ability to fit much volume, they can save you a lot of money during transportation.

Unlike cartoons, their flexible shapes will allow accommodation of many pouches into you transporting truck or even during storage in warehouses.

Therefore, you’ll also require less labor as well as time to do your transportation or storage activities.

Product safety

Stand-up pouches are popular for their safety.

Stand Up Pouch

They are good at preserving food as they enhance food freshness for long hours, and offer exceptional barrier control enabling protection against contamination elements.

A puncture-resistant film safeguards your products during transit. In addition, many other specialty films will protect against any moisture and ultra-violet rays.

The way you handle your pouches is what determines their safety. Therefore, it’s also important to observe safety


If you are looking for the most convenient packaging medium to add your brand some good value, then stand-up pouches are considerable deals.

Most customers are attracted to a business that increases their confidence in purchasing products.

Thus, with the enhanced and quality features including the sealable closures of the stand-up pouch, it is easy to maintain convenient packaging.

Other than packaging and preserving food, they are suitable for heating food in a microwave.

Chapter 4: Stand Up Pouches Types

Liquids, solid foods, medicines, and snacks are some of the many commodities that can be stored in self-supporting pouches.

All these products differ in texture and preservation requirements. It is for this reason that we have the following types of pouches.

Chapter 4.1: Stand-up zipper pouch

Stand Up Pouch

Intercon Pack stand-up pouches will offer you a great packaging experience. The ability to open and close the zippers makes this type of pouch popular.

As such, it is among the safest types for storing or packing items. They best suit the packaging of powders, dry goods, and other trail mix products.

You may also find stand-up pouches that have different zip designs providing the gusset with a reinforced structure for the pouches to effectively stand on shelves.

Others will also have windows that will allow you to have several packaging options.

Advantages of Stand-up Zipper Pouch

Stand Up Pouch

  • Durable: Stand-up zipper pouches are made from strong materials that are not easily pierced or torn. This means the bags cannot get smashed or damaged easily as compared to ordinary boxes.
  • Versatile: Most people consider stand-up pouches for their ability to store a wide array of contents and products. You can use them to store or pack chocolates, candies and many other commodities.
  • Economical: A lot of people find stand-up zipper pouches to be cheaper compared to the typical bottles and boxes. This is due to the low cost of manufacturing where lots of money is saved.
  • Ergonomic design: Unlike the typical box bags, stand-up zipper pouches are specially designed to greatly allow customers to see the contents inside the package. I mean, who wouldn’t want to have a look at a product they are purchasing!
  • Keep contents fresh: The best thing about stand-up zipper pouches is their ability to protect the contents inside from getting into contact with dust and air. This, in turn, increases the life of your products on the shelves.

Chapter 4.2: Kraft stand-up pouches

Stand Up Pouch

Kraft stand-up pouch is ideal for packing food products and other dry goods. This helps in food preservation as the inner part of it is laminated, hence, keeping products fresh.

Besides this, they are heat seal-able and contain a strong bottom gusset to offer the support required to stand on their own.

Some also have a clear oval window where you can check the products before making a purchasing decision.

Advantages of Kraft Stand-up Pouch:

  • Recyclable: Product packaging formats that are 100%
  • Stand Up Pouch
  • reusable are what manufacturers and consumers are looking for. This means a great reduction in waste that comes from our daily activities.
  • Versatile: Consumers are always looking for packaging options that are convenient and easy to carry from one place to another. Kraft stand-up bags can be used for food and other many uses that are economical and environmentally friendly.
  • Heat seal-able: Most manufacturers are looking forward to using Kraft stand-up bags for their products due to their ability to retain the freshness of the contents.
  • Durable: In the packaging industry, the ability of Kraft stand-up bags to resist puncture and stand erect on their own has made them resilient.
  • Ergonomic design: Kraft stand-up pouch has a wide front panel design to provide a wonderful exposure of the product to promising consumers even while on the store shelves.

Chapter 4.3: Rice paper stand-up pouches

There are numerous brands of rice paper pouches available on the market today.

Stand Up Pouch

Intercon Pack has the perfect self-supporting bags as each pouch is made with an exclusive fiber pattern hence no two bags are similar.

These bags have a number of great features that you will surely love. There are other pouches that have a resealable zipper which makes them airtight and heat seal-able.

They are also made safe for food. You will be awed by the availability of a tear notch that allows for easy access.

Advantages of Rice Paper Stand-up Pouch

  • Light-weight: Flexible packaging is significantly lighter in weight compared to the typical rigid options. This means that it uses less raw materials than firm pouches.
  • Highly portable: Reduced weight allows for easy transportation of the products. This makes rice paper stand-up pouches easy to be moved from one place to another.
  • Durability: During transportation, rigid bags and containers are likely to incur more damages compared to flexible pouches. This gives them an opportunity to stay for longer periods while still maintaining the original shape and design.
  • Design control: Rice paper packaging pouches are designed to provide an amazing range of artistic control over the packaging overall look.
  • Smart packaging: Thanks to the latest printing technology innovations. Nowadays, RFID applications and printed electronics make pouches unique. This allows your products to stand out in the supermarket shelves.

Chapter 4.4: Stand-up pouches with window

Stand Up Pouch

Most stand-up bags have a clear window band that is meant to attract customers.

These self-supporting packages come in assorted colors, designs, sizes as well as different shapes of the windows. A lot of window bands are normally placed along the sides or across the lower parts of the pouches.

This allows you to easily identify the product inside the package easily. Intercon Pack has the best lightweight stand-up bags with windows that can help you increase your profits by reaching more capable buyers.

Advantages of Stand-up Pouch with Window

  • Better branding: Improved branding is a significant advantage for the stand-up pouches with window bands as it gives you more control over graphics on the package.
  • Design control: A window is a clever way of showing the contents inside the product to the consumer without necessarily opening up the package.
  • Assorted colors: Most consumers will pick a product due to its attractive colors. The wide range of colors available for stand-up pouches with window offers consumers an array of varied colors to choose from.

Chapter 4.5: Foil stand-up pouch

Stand Up Pouch

In today’s modern world, metalized self-supporting bags are gaining a lot of popularity in the adjustable packaging business.

Most people are attracted to their unique shelf presentation abilities as well as their amazing features.

Intercon Pack foil stand-up bags are one of the best on the market as they are cost-effective compared to firm packaging applications.

Some of these packaging bags come with and others without a degassing valve. You will just fall for this type for its durability, shelf-life and flexibility that make it meet, if not all, then, almost all of your packaging requirements.

Advantages of Foil Stand-up Pouch

  • Barrier Properties: The barrier properties of foil stand-up pouches are the most amazing. Intercon Packmetalized self-supporting bags have the ability to completely eliminate the risk of air, dirt or moisture from getting in and damaging the contents.
  • Durability: Metalized stand-up pouches have the ability to keep your contents safe from damage caused during transport and storage. Foil packaging has more life compared to ordinary boxes.
  • Recyclable: A container or pouch that can be reused plays a very important role in our day to day activities. This means we get to use the same container for multiple reasons rather than spending a lot of money buying new stuff.
  • Convenience: The ability to initiate anti-fog properties helps in removing unwanted components from inside the bag hence maintaining the freshness of the contents.

Chapter 4.6: Shaped stand-up pouch

Stand Up Pouch

It can be merely challenging when you are looking for the ideal packaging format for your product in the flocked packaging industry.

Intercon Pack shaped stand up bags will surprise you as they are made with the ability to stand on their own with the aid of the gusset at the bottom.

Their customized shapes make them lightweight and user-friendly.

They are perfect for supermarkets shelves displays due to their artistic appeal and the use of minimal storage space. If you are looking for the best replacement for your typical bag in a box packaging, then, Intercon Pack stand-up pouches are your ideal choice.

Advantages of Shaped Stand-up Pouch

  • Eco-friendly: The use of raw materials that have reduced evasive rates in manufacturing these products make them environmentally friendly.
  • Optimized film barrier: Intercon Packself-supporting shaped pouches are built with layers of films to add the level of firmness, stiffness as well as provide high sealing energy.
  • Unique: A shaped stand-up pouch that is shaped in a correct way stands out among other products in supermarkets and other retail stores shelves.
  • Easy storage: the different shapes of different pouches allow easy storage as well as shelves display. This is mainly because shaped stand-up pouches occupy less space.

Chapter 4.7: Stand-up pouch with spout

Stand Up Pouch

Today’s advanced manufacturing technology has led to new findings in packaging materials used for liquid products.

Stand-up pouches with spouts are made by coating together with a number of layers of food-grade film.

This makes the barrier pouch resistant to puncture, stable, strong, durable and efficient for shelf displays.

If you are looking for the most ideal packaging for perishable foods and any other liquid products, you should look no further.

Intercon Pack stand-up pouch with sprout is exclusively made with a resealable cap to ensure you preserve your liquid product safely and for long.

Advantages of Stand-up Pouch with Spout

  • Costs: there are a number of different ways that we can save money of stand-up pouches with a spout. Well, we can use less raw materials to remove spouts to reduce production cost.
  • Custom Printing: such printing allows companies to place ads or product information on the products without too much hassle.
  • More design choices: This allows companies to enter into a positive design competition. You can get the desired shape of the package by altering the spout design.
  • Environment-friendly: Conserving the environment is now a big concern for most organizations and governments. Stand-up pouches with spouts use little plastics hence protecting the surroundings in a great way.

Chapter 4.8: Stand-up pouch with valve

Aluminum Foil Bags

We can all agree that an airtight package keeps the products inside fresh for longer periods of time compared to cartons and boxed bags.

When you are looking for the best self-supporting bag with a valve, you need to ensure it meets all your packaging requirements.

Intercon Pack stand-up pouches with valves are designed to release pressure on the package and keep the products inside fresh.

Our bags are ideal for coffee packaging but you can also use them for other products.

Advantages of Stand-up Pouch with Valve

  • Barrier Film: pouches with valve are mainly made by laminating heavy duty materials together. This helps in preventing moisture, odor, vapor or any other unwanted elements.
  • Holding capacity: The ability for a stand-up pouch to hold more contents than the typical boxes we are used to is just amazing. You are surely going to love this feature.
  • Cost effective: The use of less raw materials really contributes to a bigger portion of the overall low production cost of stand-up pouches with valve.
  • Versatility: You can use stand-up bags with valve for storing a number of different products. However, most people use these packaging formats for coffee storage.

Chapter 5: Material for Shelf-life & barrier?

We have a lot of companies that require stand-up pouches for their products as it is the latest trend in the packaging business.

However, different companies deal with different commodities and each comes with alternative textures.

Liquids, powders, dry and wet foods are some of the most popular products that can be packed in stand-up pouches.

It is therefore great that you understand the various stand-up pouches material structure before purchasing. Below we have some material structures explained for you.

  • High heat resistant structures: this type is made by laminating several layers of see-through film together to add the necessary barrier properties required to withstand microwave heat.
  • Boilable structures: this type can be created by laminating either clear films or metalized layers together to form a single heavy-duty layer. Unlike microwaveable structures where foils cannot be used, this type can allow the use of metalized films.
  • Aluminum structures: this type is most preferred due to its strong barrier properties when compared to other packagings. Aluminum foils can also be higher priced compared to its counterparts.
  • Non-foil opaque structures: this material is popular for its durability, high strength as well as the remarkable barrier properties. This structure does not allow consumers to have a look at the contents inside the package.


shelf life stand up pouch

Stand-up pouches are built using different material structure properties so as to shield their contents from unwanted elements such as moisture, vapor, dirt, and odor.

The shelf-life of a product is dependent on the amount of time the barrier properties of a pouch can keep oxygen from entering the pack.

Oxygen is the most unwanted element in most food packaging.

Most companies use nitrogen gas (flush) to push out oxygen while others insert oxygen absorbers during packaging and sealing processes.

Shelf-life can be simply defined as the time from which a product is sealed during production until it is opened again and oxygen finds its way in.

It is majorly the reason why some food products have expiry dates or advise you to store under refrigeration.

It is therefore significant that you focus on the shelf-life of the stand-up pouches before purchasing.

Barrier Influences

The barrier properties of stand-up pouches are mainly responsible for the strength and durability of the package.

A good self-supporting pouch is one that is flexible both functionally and structures wise.

The combination of multiple layers that are objectively formulated to suit various products is what makes our pouches stand out in retail shelves.

We make them provide a perfect condition that allows your product to remain fresh. All this is achieved as barrier influences offer the following:

  • Protection against human interference
  • Protection against factors in the surrounding
  • Protection against chemicals that react with the contents

Chapter 6: Production and Quality Assurance

The increasing number of stand-up pouches available on the market today has led to the discovery of better ways of displaying and merchandising at shops and stores shelves.

Stand-up pouches compared to traditional boxes, cartons, and bags, do not use a lot of raw materials.

If you want to comprehend the benefits of stand-up pouches clearly, then you need to understand their manufacturing process.

If you want to ensure quality then you must focus on features shown on the following image.

Chapter 6.1: Production

Production Time

Unlike the typical cartons and boxes, stand-up pouches are a revolution in the packaging business.

From using less raw materials to a reduced production time. This means that they can easily be produced in large quantities within a short period of time.

Date and Schedule

The laminated film normally made of plastics or aluminum layers offers the contents inside the packaging a lengthy schedule on the shelves.

This is also beneficial to retailers as it makes a practical sell-by date for the commodity.

Production Facility

Intercon Pack self-supporting pouches are manufactured to offer you the best of packaging services.

Our production facility uses the latest machines and technology to make you stand-up pouches that have versatile functionality.

Advanced laminating machines put together the various layers of structural materials that make different types of pouches.

The continuous web of materials is passed through sets of rakes that creates a gusset at the bottom of each pack.

With a gusset, the pack can now stand on its own. The next step is where a zipper, a spout or perforation is put or sealed on the inner side surface and near the top of the edges.

By now a gusset is formed and strong and its time vertical seals are made along the sides of the pouch.

The folds at the bottom are then sealed to keep the gusset together at the tips.

Creation of each part of the container is done by cutting apart the center of the side seals. The pouches are now taken for filling and packaging.

Mold Options

Food products and other perishable commodities need extra precautions during storage and preservations.

If you are a food company, then you probably wouldn’t want your products kept in pouches that could easily let molds in.

And if you are a consumer, then, you wouldn’t buy products with mold.

When you are looking for a perfect stand-up pouch for your commodity, you should focus on the mold option of the container or bag with lots of care and attention.

Chapter 6.2: Plates, Digital print option


The printing done on Intercon Pack pouches is normally meant to last for eons.

Plate making option simply involves embedding the surfaces of copper plates to an image with a piece of artwork designs. These pouches are produced in the following way.

  1. Blank steel sheets are molded into the desired plates
  2. The plates are then engraved with the unique identification number
  3. After they acquire their unique ID, they are electroplated and covered in copper
  4. The copper plates are then polished and buffered to offer maximum rust protection
  5. The plates are then engraved to the images on their surfaces
  6. The plates are checked for any faults then taken to factories for production

Digital printing option

This is basically the creation of prints from electronic sources to stand-up pouches using the latest technological printing innovations.

It is done by transferring an image to a computer, then sending it to an advanced printing machine that imprints the preferred graphics and artwork.

It is convenient for printing both small and large numbers of pouch bags.

Intercon Pack uses digital printing options combined with other innovative imaging methods to produce top-notch quality graphics with crisp and bold colors.

Advantages of Digital printing

  • Reduce the overall cost of production
  • Better quality
  • Fast printing process

Types of Printing

The following Are some of the types of printing that digital printing option can do:

  • Narrow Format Printing
  • Grand Format Printing
  • Large Format Digital Printing
  • Wide Format Printing
  • Eco-solvent Printing
  • Variable Data Printing
  • Digital Flatbed Printing

Chapter 6.3: Artwork and Approval

Apart from turning your packaging design from thoughts to finished stand-up pouches,

Intercon Pack also boosts of helping you put your great artwork graphics on your self-supporting bags.

We have teams of highly talented staff who can easily take you through to getting a remarkable pouch.

The following are some of the things you need to consider before sending your piece of artwork to us for printing.

Passable file formats (Text Must be in outlines) Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Acrobat PDF

Corel Draw (EPS/ AI file)

Unpassable artwork file formats Adobe InDesign, Adobe Freehand, Publisher, PowerPoint, Excel, WordPerfect, Microsoft Word

Any alternative file format that is missing on possible

PNG, BMP, GIF, JPEG, PCX and other raster images with low resolute

We create customized bags with features like no any other.

You will be awed with the variety of colors that we have in stock and thank flexography, Intercon Pack can now offer you printed stand-up poaches.

If you do not have ideas of your favorite artwork and print you can follow the link below for more inspiration and printing approval options.

It is also notedly important to understand the normal lead time for customized stand-up pouches is estimated to be between 4 to 6 weeks.

Chapter 6.4: QA

Quality Assurance

We make stand-up pouches that are of the highest quality.

To ensure we meet the required quality policies, we have equipped our Quality Assurance and Control labs, with the following advanced apparatus;

Apparatus Use
Core Collapsing Strength Tester Verifies the paper core strength
Barcode Analyzer Verifies the barcode printed on the film
Melt Flow Index (MFI) Confirms the flow of melt of raw materials for the easy possibility
Opacity Tester Checks the opacity of the layer
Octagon Checks the layers offline thickness
Universal Testing Machine Checks the mechanical properties i.e. elongation, strength, bond strength, tensile strength, seal strength and Co of Edification
Density Gradient Colum Confirms the density of raw materials
Difference Scanning Colorimeter Verifies composition and combination properties of the layers of materials
Dart Impact Tester Checks the bursting strength of the film

Quality problem

Quality is the least of all Intercon Pack customers. We ensure the happiness of our customers by using the latest instruments and check-up routines.

These are the reasons that help us solve the following quality issues;

  • Product shelf-life and freshness extension: we make our pouches with laminated materials to increase the shelf-life and keep oxygen away hence keeping the contents fresh
  • Rapid design and completion: we can make you the perfect customized stand-up pouch within the shortest time possible
  • Coping with Label and artwork changes: we have departments of highly skilled graphic designers that can easily adapt to your artworks.
  • Small quantity custom print: we can make you a few flexible stand-up pouches for presentation or personal use
  • Large quantity printing: Our factory runs 24/7 and we can make millions of pouches like no other
  • Effective supply chain solutions: we have a number of delivery options that can accommodate your hasty orders
  • Unexpected orders: we offer safety stock and emergency deliveries. Our company runs 24/7
  • Reliability: we are always there to offer you the best stand-up pouches any time you need them

Test Procedure

Our products need to acquire a number of quality standards in the packaging industry before they are available to our prospective customers.

The process entails undergoing through various tests including compatibility test, compression test, interlayer adhesion test, seal test, puncture resistant test, pour testing, tensile testing, vacuum test, burst test, and drop test.

Test Methods

  • Compatibility test: determining which laminations are the most resistant to physical changes caused by coming into contact with the product as well as chemical degradation.
  • Compression test: here our pouches undergo a variety of air pressure forces for different time lengths.
  • Interlayer adhesion test: involves approving laminated layers that form the film structure are up to the standards of the level of bonding every application.
  • Seal test: is where the fusion seals are tested on their molecular levels just like plastics containers are normally tested in rigid container formation.
  • Puncture resistant test: involves the procedure of analyzing the correct amount of force required to meet the elastic limit of rapture according to ASTM testing standards.
  • Pour test: refers to the test where the product is assessed whether it has a flawless pour that easily controlled.
  • Tensile test: is the process of assessing whether the sealing film can withstand the force required to break the package.
  • Vacuum Leakage test: is the putting of stand-up pouches to an equal of one atmospheric surrounding vacuum pressure to ensure they are sealed hermetically.
  • Burst test: putting the pouches to inside pressure until a point where they burst out to prove the levels of the strength in the seals.
  • Drop test: simply involves testing the altitude from which the package can be dropped without failing.

Test Results

Intercon Pack pouches are developed with wonderful seal strengths and versatile performing barrier properties with the ability to resist drop testing as well as rigorous burst assessments.

Test Data

The acquired results are tabulated to produce the data that is assessed to confirm whether the package meets the required standards for consumer use.

Chapter 6.5: 3rd party test, certifications

Are you looking for a way that you can easily raise your input levels?

Intercon Pack stand up pouches are what you are looking for to increase your turnovers.

They pass all the food and non-food packaging audit with undoubted results.

These stand-up bags have a consistent manufacturing procedure and full traceability. You will also love the fact that they are SGS-FDA certified for safety assurance of the contents.

Chapter 7: Packing, filling, sealing

Chapter 7.1: Packing of stand-up pouch

This is the process of making your product ready for transportation.

When choosing the most suitable stand-up pouch for your product, make sure you get one that you can easily put in your contents.

Whether you will be handling massive or small orders, then packing needs to be on point to enable the smooth running of your business.

Chapter 7.2: Filling of stand-up pouch

It is highly recommended that you ensure the filling process of the stand-up pouch you are purchasing is quite practical.

It can be really infuriating when you buy a packaging bag that is hard to fill. There are more ways you can fill your self-supporting bags but here we shall compare the two most popular.

You can either fill your stand-up pouches using manual or automated ways.

By manual, I mean you can simply fill your pouches even at the comfort of your home.

The main source of energy here would probably be your hands. An automated filling is, however, easier as it involves the use of machines that are specially designed to fill stand-up pouches.

Machine filling is more efficient compared to hand filling. Most companies prefer machine for massive filling requirements while small orders can be done by hand.

Chapter 7.3: Sealing of stand-up pouch

Products such as food and other highly perishable commodities need to be stored in airtight pouches and bags.

Intercon Pack stand-up pouches are heat sealed meaning your contents will be kept fresh for long.

It is, therefore, recommended that you select a perfect heat-sealing method for your commodity and applications.

If you do not know the criteria of finding the right heat sealer, then you may need the following.

You first of all need to know the raw materials that will be making your pouches.

Then the size of the materials in both width and thickness. Lastly, you may be required to know how hastily you need sealing done.

If you want a faster sealing, then you will need to invest in expensive heat sealers. There are many types of heat sealers but the two common are impulse heat and direct heat.

Chapter 8: Warehousing and Storage

If you are looking for the best stand-up pouches, then, you need to focus on a number of key different things.

The easiness to handle and store your pouches is one that also matters quite a lot.

You need to understand the storage process and conditions so as to keep your self-supporting bags for long and in perfect condition.

Comprehending how to store your pouches is really helpful as it allows you to add more shelf-life to your products.

A dry environment offers the best conditions for all types of stand-up pouches to remain in their original design or state.

Neither dirt nor any other unwanted elements can damage the bags or contents inside.

In addition to dried surroundings, you need to ensure the warehouse or storage has a controlled climate.

If you are dealing with perishables then you may need some refrigeration but for other dried products then a cool room temperature would just work very well.

Enough storage space also prevents physical damage to the pouches.


As we have seen, ordinary boxes and cartons are now a thing of the past as stand-up pouches are taking over the packaging business.

Whether you are a food processing company or someone looking for the most ideal way of organizing their fridge, then you probably need stand-up pouches.

Intercon Pack pouches are structured in a way that makes the filling, sealing and packing procedures cut corners.

This means that you don’t have to go through the hard yards of logistics anymore.

Our pouches are also engineered to sell themselves by attracting more buyers with assorted colors and wonderful artworks.

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